I am now self-hosted!

Hello! I’ve noticed a steady stream of new followers of this blog, but it’s my old one.

All new content is over at http://adissolutelifemeans.com, so please update your Readers and RSS feeds, etc., and I hope to see you around soon!

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I’m not really here, I’m over there.

Hello New Internet Boyfriend!

If you’re reading this, then you’re subscribed to my old URL and aren’t getting new content.  Quel horreur!

I left WP a while ago and am now self-hosted, so please update your reader thing-a-ma-bobs.

You can find me at http://adissolutelifemeans.com.

See ya there!



You might need to update your readers.

Hello to my new readers! If you’re reading this, then that means you’re following my old, WP-hosted site and I no longer post here.

Please update your readers by entering in my URL (http://adissolutelifemeans.com) manually or you can subscribe via email on the homepage of my blog.

Thanks so much for being a part of this community and I look forward to getting to know you!



I’m re-learning how to take nude selfies.

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It’s funny how we get attached to things being a certain way.  In my old room, for example, I came to rely heavily on my east-facing windows which were to the left of my bed for my natural light.  It was so good in there, in fact, that most of my pictures were sans filter.  But here, in the new apartment, the orientation is all different.  My window still faces east, but now it’s on my right and I am much closer to it making my pictures very washed out or distorted by sunbeams — awful, I know — but I have a certain look I’m going for so this will take some getting used to.

So when I finally got to sleep in today I decided to practice a little.


Can you spot the kitty??  Turns out that Faisal wanted in on the action, too.


Can you see him now?

It’s always a little humbling to have to push a cat out of the way (repeatedly) of you trying to take nude selfies — doesn’t he know I’m trying to be all sexy?! — but I persevered and managed to get these two pics kitty-free.


Bars of light.


I’m nearly indecent in this one.

I actually don’t mind the little light show, honestly.  Maybe it’s time to get creative with shadows and kitties!



If you want to keep reading me, you’ll have to update your readers.

So, the moves are both mostly done. Another push today and tomorrow for the abode and an ongoing improvement plan for the blog.

The way the blog thing works is that I’ve told the Internet to look somewhere else for me, just a little bit. Those of you who follow me in a reader other than WordPress’ shouldn’t be affected, but to everyone else who follows me via WordPress, you won’t see me anymore in your Reader. Not sure if those if you who signed up for email notices still get them. I’ll have to check into that.

To my WP followers and friends I ask that you manually follow me again. At the top of your Reader List is a box where you can type in URLs. The URL is the same, but WP no longer hosts me, so it won’t link you automatically anymore. This post is written from my WP account which is why you can see it. I’m not sure if the rest of the non-WP Internet will see it. I am dangerously ignorant about these things.

Or you can follow me on Bloglovin’ or in an RSS feed or whatever else floats your boat!

Anyway, Twitter still works and so does my email. Lemme know if you have any problems.

I love you, Internet Boyfriend! Thanks for always being here for me!