Hyacinth wears socks

It can get chilly out there. Also, ignore the mess.

Ok, so HNT is no more in a week, but thank the interwebs for Lilly’s Wanton Wednesdays!  I can still have a viable excuse to post half-naked pics of myself!  Woohoo.  Which also means I’ll be double posting salacious photos this week.

13 thoughts on “Hyacinth wears socks

  1. Love women in high socks ;) Wish I could have participated earlier in wanton Wednesday, but I was moving to WordPress. Moving is always such a pain in the ass-virtual world and real world. Maybe I’ll get something up later though. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the last HNT…

    and PS you can post half naked photos anytime. No complaints here.

  2. Welcome! But of course you DO realize that we’re all like “ummm what socks……” LOL

    I will fully admit to resorting to using Photoshop to clean up my messy room when taking pics to post ;)

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