I accidentally take screen shots.


What current day courting looks like.

I didn’t mean to catch this exchange, but my phone was locking up on me and I was pushing buttons like a ding dong – like that’d help. When I went to send some pics I found it in my library.

And ignore all our typos. We’re actually quite careful texters normally, I swear!

14 thoughts on “I accidentally take screen shots.

    • Haha it was totally by accident! Full disclosure: I planned on writing about sexts and so I changed the names in my phone to match the pseudonyms on my blog a while ago. Also, even before the name changes he used to be [Redacted] Neighbor, but twice I mistexted to Downstairs/First Name Neighbor, so I had to make it more different. Having “The” as a first name is unmistakeable in my brain for some reason.

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