Hyacinth crossdresses.


Nice flap.


It took two pairs to achieve this.

I was folding laundry last night and came across The Neighbor’s skivvies. Naturally, I had to try them on.

I was also folding socks, so then I had to do my best impression of him in them.

He thought I was pretty hot.

15 thoughts on “Hyacinth crossdresses.

  1. Proof that you don’t have to spend a boatload of cash at VS to look hot. Just out of curiosity, are there any pictures you care to share of The Neighbor posing in some of your unmentionables?

    • Thanks and no, unfortunately.

      However, I wouldn’t post him on here anyway without his permission and no one knows I write this, so… no hot pics of him. The sock pic really is just like him, though, so that’ll have to do for us all :)

  2. Hy, I hope you have a sturdy kitchen table cuz you would be bent over it. You can play with your sock cock while I fuck your sexy ass. That shirt pulled up over your head and a hole ripped in the ass of those briefs. dirty mmmm.

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