Hyacinth shares her cleavage.

I’m still not 100%, so here’s a little something to tide you over until I return.

This was what I sent The Neighbor yesterday after I woke up from my nap on the couch. I think his response was, “Feeling better?”

Truthfully, the improvement was slight, but that still didn’t stop me from taking the pic.



Kiss these and make it better.

35 thoughts on “Hyacinth shares her cleavage.

  1. Michael was in serious trouble. He hadn’t found the famed Hyacinth landing strip. His stick was increasingly stiff. He spotted a narrow opening in the mountains. He concentrated on the landing trying to ignore the reddish-brown peaks. He eased the stick forward towards an inviting cave opening.

  2. Those “studies” that show that looking at breasts is soothing must be right. I don’t care about the scientific evidence, boobs are very relaxing. Well, exept for that thingy between my legs

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