Hyacinth is ready for summer.

I’m German, Irish, and English.  Read: white.  I gestated my baby for 42 weeks because my ancestors were from the arctic north, I have light eyes and hair, and a Scandinavian look (or so I’ve been told), I tan eventually, but will most likely burn first.  Therefore, there’s nothing I hate more than the heat.  The fucking goddamned h e a t.  Bleh.

I grew up in a temperate climate where it snowed once every 7 years or so, but the seasons were at least delineated by distinct temperatures.  Where I live now, however, summers last 8 months and the winter is over before I even get the chance to wear all my sweaters.  I long for grey skies and rosy cheeks.  But, whining is for weaklings and so I go hard and fast into summers here.

I’m not afraid to don a bikini and let it all hang out.  I don’t care that I’m not a hard-body (I like my soft-body); I don’t care that I am not perfect (I find beauty in my imperfections); and I don’t care that no one has Instagram-glasses and sees me as I really am (I’ll use the shit outta that app here).  I adore the water and I adore my body.  I guess it’s the one thing I can enjoy out of these blistering summers.

I hope you enjoy my enjoyment.



I wish I really looked like this.

A face should be where my hand is, don’t you think??

Mind the bow.

This is for Wanton Wednesday. Check out the other wanton bloggers!

31 thoughts on “Hyacinth is ready for summer.

  1. Very lovely post to wake up to. I really enjoy your enjoyment. I think I’d like another helping. Maybe It will keep us all happier


  2. I WISH I HAD THAT BODY!!!!! You are gorgeous and I say being 53 SUCKS! Thank god for yoga to keep me a viable source of fun, LOL

  3. Looks good enough to eat. I’m going to have to disagree with you on the heat. I love it! Then again, ethnically and skin tone wise we are complete opposites.

    • Thanks, Mr. M! I swear ancestry has something to do with it ;) Though I’m sure there are plenty of pasty white folks out there who love the heat. I’m just not one of them!

  4. Oh my, you and I clearly need to swap locations as I HATE the winter and cold and grey damp skies and yet we seem to spend most of our time with that weather and the summer is gone in flash before I have worn all my summer dresses. Yep, we definitely need to swap.


  5. Adorable photos, I especially love the last one. I have to agree with Molly, I absolutely love the heat! Luckily I get lots of it in Texas :)

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