I write when I get fucked.

I now know why I haven’t written much lately: I haven’t had a proper railing. Mediocre sex does not inspire.

But not tonight! Tonight I’m too exhausted to tell you about the awesome sex I just had, as is my cervix and pussy; my bed is drenched, my nipples sore, and my flanks burning with hand prints.

I’d like to write a book detailing every heated kiss and whispered moan, but I can’t. I can’t. Must rest. Will write later. With a smile on my lips and my body thrumming.

8 thoughts on “I write when I get fucked.

  1. How is it that something so filled can seem so empty.
    Everyone is caught up in searching for lasting happiness when the truth is happiness is nothing more than a frame of mind.
    What is missing that changes mediocre to marvelous.
    Know just that would be enough.


    • True. Though for the record, I was talking about sex with someone else last week being mediocre. Not with TN. It’s never mediocre with him and it’s all about my mind. I dried up with someone else and I was injured for days because of it. My head wasn’t in the game and he didn’t know how to play me.

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