I go on first dates with a light heart.

He called and asked if I was free. Turns out the hydrocodone had just kicked in and I had no plans.

He’s sweet and kind, but may be too nervous for me. He’s smitten. My curse.

Meanwhile, two other men want to meet me out tonight. Let’s see how I juggle them all.

And, the yellow dress strikes again.


14 thoughts on “I go on first dates with a light heart.

  1. LMAO that this thread turned into a French/English grammar lesson.

    Hy…good luck hope it went well. I envy your availability of men. I’ll be blogging about my lack thereof today…stay tuned.

    • Hehe

      You may envy me, but I’m exhausted by it. It sounds like a stupid first world problem to have, but when everyone wants you it feels an awful like no one wanting you. I’ll write more on this later today between my brunch and evening cocktails dates. Seriously.

      And, as we all know, the man I really want doesn’t want me.

      • I understand….really…I do…..believe me….been there many times in the last 3 years…its a lonesome life sweetie. I have the same “curse” you do….lots of adoring fans but no one up close and personal worth having….sigh.

        We are both going to get our happy ending baby. I’m pulling for both of us…..

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