I go on first dates with beefy, tatted nerds

This guy is delish.



27 thoughts on “I go on first dates with beefy, tatted nerds

    • Oh, no, I’m serious! He’s buff, nerdy, and funny as fuck. Geeky glasses, 50’s hair do, tan, tattooed. Fuuuuck.

      We’re about to go eat some hot dogs haha.

  1. And a new name has been born! We shall call him Beefcake. :-)

    The poor thing is really no big deal, as long as he has drive.
    Am I wrong to assume that the no car/efficiency thing means that he’s younger?

    THat could be a good thing… (Stamina!)

    • Lol Poor Beefcake! He has nerdy glasses, too. Love what a juxtaposition he is.

      He mentioned simplifying his life hence the car/efficiency thing. He bartends at a posh bar downtown, so he may actually be fine money-wise.

      He opened every door for me, walked me to my car, and put his hand on my waist at every opportunity. He also had a great sense of humor.

      The cock thing, well, I recently added that I prefer well-endowed men in my profile and he made sure to mention he’d read the whole thing :)

      • Oh, and he’s a few months younger than me, but a whooooole lot fitter, so I’m sure he’s fine on the stamina.

      • Bartender at a swank place you say? Yeah, I’d imagine he has enough money to be okay. It’s probably a nerdy beefcake thing! :-)

        It’s hilarious that he made sure to tell you he read the whole profile. And a true gentleman to boot!!

        When will you see him again, or are you not there yet?

    • oh! oh! I know it’s early days, but I’m catching the drift of internet boyfriend’s being replaced. I have to confess it right now … I’m gonna miss those boob shots. ;-)


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