I get help from my friends.

I’m going to go out by myself later and I asked for advice from one I trust implicitly.  I have this feeling that 4 am girl is coming over tonight to stay with The Neighbor (he’s been over at her place four nights in a row; it makes sense she’d come tonight).  And I want to be scarce.  SCARCE.  Or just so drunk I don’t give a fuck.

The texting took a turn for the worse. All my fault, naturally.




18 thoughts on “I get help from my friends.

      • No, as per usual, I don’t concur. Your home is your castle, and you should not feel like you should have to run away. Make THEM feel uncomfortable. You need to man up to this. It’s time.


      • ” … Sitting at home alone is a punishment to me…. ” You are using this as an excuse. If 4am girl wasn’t coming, you wouldn’t sat this. Be a man!

  1. I suggest you call your manager and ask if they have another fucken apartment. OMG I see me banging on the wall to shut the fuck up and basically acting like an asshole therefore I would have to call the manager and ask what is open or to tell them to notify me when something is available. Jayne

    • I don’t want to change apartments. I LOVE this one and it’s Peyton’s home, you know?? I gotta just tough this one out. And I only have a feeling she’s coming over. I don’t know for sure. But I’m usually right…

      • just another spot – same layout same place – I would be climbing the walls – I don’t want to know if you hear those two “at night” – Loud – music – shit – ambien!! ( I know you could tough it out but damn it anyway that it has turned out like this. It’s now cruel punishment if you have to hear them in his apartment – just plain cruel. – I know – earplugs and a great book. TDND has talked about “Sirens” he says its better than 50 shades. I don’t know but I remembered the title. : )

      • I can’t hear anything next door. I just might run into them on the balcony. I just left my house. His car was still there. I’ve made a pact with myself that no matter how lubed infer tonight I WILL NOT CONTACT HIM. And if he contacts me I will ignore him. Tonight is about me and pushing my boundaries.

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