I wonder if my boobs make me look fat.

I’m not really wondering that. It’s a joke. And just an excuse to share my tits with my Internet Boyfriend.

June Christy and my comfy cafe seat couldn’t keep me from sneaking off into the bathroom to take a quick pic. It was cold in there. I now regret not pulling the lacy cups down to let my goosebumpy flesh out for all to see, but there is plenty of time for that in the future. Plenty o’ time.

In other news, I officially ended things with The Neighbor on Monday. — Yes, I’ve couched this earth-shattering news in a lousy boob-pic post. — But, there it is. It’s done and I feel lighter than I have in months. I will share the details later in a proper post. The gist is he didn’t impress me with how he handled what I had to say. He cried again. Twice. I felt the age gap.

For now, I want to leave you with a line of prose I thought of today while sitting across from a woman who was drawing something in her lap. A beautiful soul, she is. I’ll likely never have cause to use this line in anything I ever write, so thought I’d share it now.

“She held the Tupperware lid into her middle and split herself like a cracker does wedged into a round a cheese.”


59 thoughts on “I wonder if my boobs make me look fat.

  1. Holy Shit! That is some news … I am so happy you feel “lighter”. [ Is lighter “better”? I sure hope so] Whatever the fallout, I honestly believe you are on a better road … maybe not as sexually stimulating for the first few miles, but a lot less bumpy, and when you get into overdive, the sex will be amazing! And maybe the love will, too.



    P.S. Love the bra (and what’s in it)

    • Ha, yes, “lighter” is better. I am still breathing and functioning unlike 3 months ago. In fact, I have the upper hand and it’s a nice feeling for a change. Plus, I have a date with that hot law student (now it’s Friday, my softball team made the playoffs tomorrow). And even if things don’t work out with LS I’ll still be fine.

      Thanks for the kind words, as always, Mike. xx Hy

  2. You rock. Anyone that says otherwise, they can deal with me.

    Oh, and not sure about the boobs… need to see more of them before I can comment on that. ;)

  3. 1 – Beautiful picture
    2 – Yes, there will be more time for goosebumpy flesh
    3 – Lighter is always better. We love our burdens, but love ourselves when we drop them.
    4 – Tell him in less than 15 minutes. Rip the band-aid off all at once.
    5 – Good luck.

  4. “I felt the age gap.” No, you simply saw the difference in maturity.
    And I’m glad you demoted him to a footnote, somewhere less important than your goosebumps.
    You will be fine, even if LS does not fill the gap in your soul. Be kind to him, you have a lot of soul to look after.

    • Fair enough, Nick, though with him, it is an age issue in my opinion. He has plenty of scope and history to be a more mature man. And yes, less important than my goosebumps. I hadn’t really thought about the relevance of me footnoting him until now, but you’re right. I have other things on my mind. Like my fucking tits :)

      I “have a lot of soul to look after”??

  5. OH MY GOD.
    That is some news!!!

    Waiting to hear all about it, and I am here for you. This can’t have been easy but the fact you feel lighter is such a win! I am yet to reach that place…

    lots of love
    India xx

  6. Dear Hy
    I’m glad you’re moving on if its not what you want or need right now in your life. It made me smile that news of TN was a second fiddle to those nice boobs! :) Jump back in to your vibrant life and have fun!!!

  7. I think you are absolutely amazing inside and out!! I’m having relationship troubles of my own at the moment, and your posts brighten my days and inspire me in my own efforts. I feel like you’re my friend :) I’m waiting with baited breath to hear about TN!!!!!!!!

  8. Your boobs make your internet boyfriend look horny.

    Also? About time you owned your part of the “relationship”. That crying shit? Crocodile tears. Somewhere out there is a guy that can appreciate AND satisfy you. Don’t sell yourself short ever again!

  9. Long may your boob flag wave! Another way to think about things is that now you know yourself better than you did and that makes your next choice a better one and thus a happier you…it’s my self-comforting theory ; ) I’m happy you feel good – I don’t want you to mark yourself. Give Peyton a kiss and tell him he should be proud of his mom. Love to you, Jayne

  10. You look sexy and devastatingly beautiful, as always. As long as you feel good about your decision, that’s what matters. Always follow your heart, and do what you need to. I have never regretted following my heart, and I know you won’t either. You are an amazing person, and you deserve the best.

  11. Ok, I have been stealth reading your blog for months (having ended a very serious relationship and embarked upon my own dissolute life) and I have to ask – what brand of bras do you wear? Because while you clearly have great breasts, the bras are pretty cute, too.

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