In lieu of words I give you sexy pics.

I am hovering above myself.

When I return, I will have words to keep me company, but until then, I am quietly and busily hustling myself.








34 thoughts on “In lieu of words I give you sexy pics.

  1. Don’t worry Babe … IBF isn’t going anywhere. We’re all hanging in here with you. BTW … lovin’ those thighs … you are a complete package! ;-)


  2. You are hovering above a beautiful body, that is for sure. Are you still doing the marathon, clean living thing? How is that going? Going to see your baby soon too, so that should bring plenty of smiles to your pretty face (nice chin btw).

    I miss your words and patiently await their return. Hugs!

    • Aw, thanks! I am still doing the cleaning living thing and some light training for my 5k in December.

      I get Peyton back Monday night and can’t wait. I’ve seen a lot of my baby during this time so that’s helped a lot. I’ve also been developing more of my friendships. All good stuff.

      Yes, my chin :) I hope no one can recognize me from that! xx Hy

      • Can’t say that I wouldn’t be pleased to run into you on the street and realize your chin looks familiar. But I don’t think you need to worry.
        Glad you are still training and that you got to see Peyton. Take care babe.

      • *preens* Isn’t that funny though, walking on the street and tapping someone on the shoulder saying: “excuse me, but I think I know your breasts.” Hey, Hy, what would you say back?

      • An elegant response. Pooh. What about something fun? “Why yes, you do recognize my breasts. I am the body double for (…). I’ve been her bare boobs for all of her major motion pictures. But, I only date other body doubles. Have I seen your penis in any film lately?”

        See, Hy, *this* is how to get the good dates. ;-)

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