Vote early!

Early voting starts today (10/22) and ends November 2nd.

I reblogged this because of its calm, personal feel and educational value.

No name-calling or finger-pointing.

I’ll write about sex again soon. Like how I woke up a sleeping man with my warm, wet pussy and how I crossed and uncrossed my legs Sharon Stone-style for him at a party.

But for now, just this plea to everyone to get out at vote early!!



On Election Day, I’ll be working from 5:30am to 10:30pm. Accordingly, I’ve had to review my sample ballot and cast my vote early, by mail.

I am a Decline to State voter because I don’t believe in political parties. They encourage lazy voting by offering a platter of candidates, and I would rather learn about individuals. It is true, however, that over the last twelve years or so I have usually voted for the Democrats running for national office. This is almost entirely because of the hard right turn the Republican party has taken since around 1996.

So, yes, I voted for Barack Obama. Here’s a ranked list of my top ten reasons, and of course, I hope enough of these resonate with you that you’ll agree and back the president.


1. President Obama has pursued a balanced foreign policy, generally helping to reduce the quantity of death, dismemberment…

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