A foursome commences.


Jack is making us omelets and mulled wine. Emma, The Neighbor and I just finished looking at my personal porn on my computer.

We’re sipping wine and some kind of White Russian coffee blend. My see-through white shirt belies the sleeping giants that are my DD breasts.

Emma and I are a before and after. I looked like her at 15. But she’s ridiculously cooler than I was at 15. Her 20 to my 37 is something I have to shake off.

I’m nervous and excited. TN is jazzed and sweet. I, literally, am sitting in the edge of the bridge dangling my legs.

Holy fuck, I love my dissolute life.





Ending with a few nice hand prints.

15 thoughts on “A foursome commences.

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  2. I’m just stumbling along, not sure what I was looking for exactly…well maybe a bit. But, I found myself here, and I have to say I am completely enthralled in your Dissolute life, completely addicted to be honest. Brilliance, passionate, erotic, only a few words that come to mind. Ill be back!

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