I have things to do.

I offered to wake him up with my lips, but he said, “No, thank you,” told me he was turning off his phone for a bit to go back to sleep. It was 8:30 am and I was tired, but horny.

I smiled, but didn’t respond, read some of my favorite blogs, left kisses, and contemplated my day. What time does Fancy Nails open? When does The Neighbor want to shop for his coat? I need to run today, should I invite him along?

He texted me back a mere 30 mins later, excitement evident by all his exclamation marks. “Let’s go shopping!!!”

I told him I was still in bed, horny and hungry, and that I had some things to take care of first.

He laughed and said, “Ok.”

“Why don’t you get your ass over here and help me with the first?” I texted. He said he was already out the door to buy food to make himself breakfast (a luxurious, pre-planned meal of apples and bananas only).

Turns out all I’m getting from him are eggs and sparkling water from the grocery store.

You, however, as my IBF, get this:


Update: As I was pecking this out on my phone, sprawled across my bed exactly as in this pic he let himself in and sauntered back to my room. Upon seeing me, he smirked and said with a Midwestern drawl, “Sup, Tits! Your delivery is here!” And proceeded to lay my order next to me on my bed and promptly leave. The mind of a man is like a ______. The closer you get the more ______ it gets.

27 thoughts on “I have things to do.

  1. Oh, I love games like this:

    The mind of a man is like a great cup of French press. The closer you get (to finishing), the more concentrated it gets.

    Nope, doesn’t work but I had fun playing….I just need my morning cup….but looking at your perfect nipples was probably a better way of waking up.

  2. I would have dropped down onto the bed with you, and explored those sexy blue shorts more. slip my fingers inside the elastic, and…

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