I’m San Francisco bound!

I’m headed to my heartland, the land of silly streets and eucalyptus.

I woke up this morning ensconced in marshmallow down bedding and a smile on my face. His soft, sweet kisses and words, “I’m gonna miss you,” hung in the morning sunshine above me like twinkling lights.

I made him a version of this collage.
br />

He said I should sell them on Etsy. Maybe that’s how I’ll pay the bills! With my Dissolute Life Means… prints! Haha

Zoom zoom zoom! Off I go!!<

17 thoughts on “I’m San Francisco bound!

    • I agree. I texted him to say hi and asked him what the apartments were like without me. He said, “Quiet…” Then he called me and we chatted for a few minutes. Very sweet. :)

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