I know how to squirt.

A lot of women want to know how it is I squirt. Here’s what I’ve learned to do.

Making G-spot Contact

The first time it ever happened to me was roughly 12 years ago. At this point in my sexual history I had just ended a year-long relationship where I orgasmed from only sex (both while on top and bottom) and also had only ever orgasmed from oral once. I was 25.

This particular night was just your average tryst. Nothing special except that this cock was significantly bigger than the one that had made me orgasm for a year. However, despite being less than 5 inches long and fairly narrow, that smaller penis had taught me to sit low and heavy on a man’s groin, to really sink into it and how to ride him with abandon.

I’d been under the wrong impression for years that making love while on top should replicate the man’s motion like when he was on top, but with a cock that was small that was basically like feeling nothing, hence my new moves: to grind down hard and tilt my pelvic cradle against my lover’s in order to stimulate my clitoris against his pubis, to sit tall and not lean over. I came every time with a big clitoral orgasm.

So, naturally, I applied my new method with this bigger lover. I began to feel a glow in my womb and my chest felt numb and buzzing and then I felt a release similar the sensation of urinating, but slightly higher than my urethra. And it felt big and blossoming, but distinctly different from an orgasm.

That first time it squirted in my lover’s eye. We both stopped for a second to laugh. I didn’t know what to say. He exclaimed, “You squirted!” I had no idea what that even meant, but I felt no shame about it. He seemed really pleased about it. And then we kept going.

Looking back on it, it’s my first experience with my g-spot.

Size Can Matter

I never felt that again until the first time I had sex with Troy (I’ll have to share that story some time – it was goddamned epic) and it was because his cock was big enough to massage my g-spot no matter what position we were in; I didn’t have to be on top. He was by far the biggest man I’d ever been with (around 8.5″). He was elated by my juices and I was utterly incapable of controlling them. They just happened to me. It became the center of our fucking.

Which is what set me off in the hunt of large cocks. Honestly, that’s the only reason. I happen to have a deep well and a larger member hits me just right every time. The smaller ones simply don’t. Until I learned some new tricks…

Head Space – What I do

Today I don’t need a large cock to squirt anymore – yay! I’ve learned to squirt on command about 4 out of every 5 times that I try, and it’s dependent on a couple of things. First, I have to be significantly turned on, and second, the more I trust my lover the easier it becomes. My head has to be in the right place if I’m the one in charge of my squirting.

When alone, I imagine gripping the shaft of a cock with my pussy like a fist, and then simultaneously I push out around it while relaxing. All my focus, all my energy, all my breath is focused on my cunt. I contract a few times, then release and push out. Repeat. It’s all I can feel. If I squirt by myself, totally alone, with nothing and no one touching me I am a quintessential cunt. I have this, I think, I am this. If I squirt with my Hitachi, which is actually fairly rare, I am typically sitting on the edge of a bed or standing, so there is pressure on my vulva.

When with a lover, tantric lovemaking elicits much wetness from me and my lover doesn’t even have to be participating in the method. Contracting my vaginal muscles as he pulls out – as if I were sucking him back in – and then pushing against him as he pushes back in – like bearing down – stimulates my g-spot. Switching back and forth like this is only possible when the pace is slower. When the pace is frantic I simply grip with all my might.

Skills – What He Does

There are two things that my lovers have done that have caused me to squirt deliberately. One is with their cock, the other with their hands and fingers.

With any size cock, he pulls out all the way or almost all the way, and if I’m doing my tantric gripping, the sensation of leaving my body makes me squirt.

With his hands and fingers, he curls his fingers inside of me with his palm on my pubis and he slams his hand against me in a small, rapid circular motion. It’s a lot of work for him, it’s not gentle. It’s rough and intense and has always, without exception, yielded results for me.

The Neighbor said that technique worked on an ex-girlfriend, as well, but she squirted with an orgasm at the end of his ministrations, whereas I squirted almost as soon as he put his hand on me and couldn’t stop until he stopped. And again, for me, squirting – or cumming as I sometimes refer to it – is very different from my orgasms, though extremely and overwhelmingly pleasurable. I am left deeply moved and affected; I feel done and relaxed and highly emotional.

Letting Go – It’s Not Pee

I don’t know how clear a picture I’m drawing here. Of course this is one woman’s experience with squirting, but I have talked to my lovers at great length about this. Troy devoured books about the female anatomy and he understood that the ejaculate traveled a similar path as urine, but was certainly not urine. He also believed that an old lover of his would have probably squirted herself, but each time she felt the sensation she ran to the toilet.

And here’s where I have to agree. The sensation prior to ejaculating is reminiscent of peeing, but that’s it. When we need to pee there’s a pressure in our bladder, unmistakable; with squirting, the sensation is lower, more concentrated around the urethra and clitoris.

We have to trust our bodies not to get wires crossed. It’s really that simple. I know I’ve had my run-ins with poo, so you’d think I’d be the last person on the planet to say TRUST YOUR BODY, but I really believe it. I know my system won’t allow me to piss all over my lover in a fit of passion. And in part my trust in my own body allows me to let go and allow the stimulation to rise and then exit my body via a squirt.

Sometimes the fluid is odorless, sometimes it’s musky, sometimes it’s less pleasant and more urine-like. And it can all come from the same woman on different days of the week. Its scent is tied up with hormones and ph levels. Some experts believe that all ejaculate has some urine mixed in, others resolutely say that’s not true. I’m of the camp that sometimes it can be mixed in with a little urine. My ejaculate, like all the anecdotal and scientific research I found, has varied from odorless to faintly of musky to strongly of urine. The Neighbor  never said anything and, in fact, once lifted a soaked towel to his face — which to me smelled faintly of urine — and told me it smelled delicious. His enthusiasm helped me to not care and to truly just let go.

Go For It

And here I have to ask a bigger question in general: Even if you did piss on your lover, so what?? You’re engaged in an intimate, messy activity that is inherently complicated and involved with the bowel, bladder, anus, and vagina just to name a few. Shit might happen (as you all know it certainly has with me). So I say, even if you do fear peeing, just fucking go for it. You won’t die and your lover will have a chance to show his mettle. And that’s the worst case scenario. Best case is that you’ll feel a g-spot ejaculation/orgasm!

I hope this has shed some light on the mysteriousness of squirting. I’d love to hear from other women who do it and hear your stories. Are they similar to mine? Different? What do you do to squirt? Do you have any control over it? And to all you women who have never done it, I say to you that you have nothing to lose in trying! Most of you will have the basic building blocks (Skene’s glands are necessary, some think), but at the very least you can have a ton of fun trying!

And here are some articles I liked regarding this whole thing:

Make Her Ejaculate

Female Ejaculation

Shejaculation: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Gush

Originally published 2/18/12.

89 thoughts on “I know how to squirt.

  1. Thanks Hy! I can squirt, with M, from stimulation on my G-Spot. Like you said, he’s got to be hard, rough… I haven’s squirted during sex for a long time. I could with a boy I used to date, but in only happened with him and in the back of his Towncar (there must have been something about the angle at which I would ride him). Sometimes with my wand, I get the sensation like I could, but it just hasn’t happened (I think I’m going to try to use some sort of penetration along with the Hitachi and see if that helps). And once I start squirting, it will happen again and again, until M stops and fucks me. But I just can’t seem to do it myself. I haven’t found an angle where I can effectively reach my G-Spot during masturbation. I have a G-Spot simulator attachment for my wand, but, I don’t know, I never use it… Maybe I should try… I’m interested that you don’t really need G-Spot manipulation to cum. I think I’m going to go pull out a Tantra book… Maybe do some “pleasure” reading over the weekend…

    And, again, Thanks Hy!

  2. Thanks for the info. I’ve definitely never done it. I’ve only had my g-spot hit once, when I was 17 and way to young to even know what was going on. As for me now, I’ve tried through masturbation, but alas my fingers are too short. I literally can’t reach it!

    I’ll have to get some toys ;-)

    • Well, to my way of thinking, it doesn’t have to rely on fingers inside. Contracting your muscles deep in the core somehow stimulates my g-spot. I’ve never reached around or used a toy.

      Just now I manually masturbated (haven’t done that in eons – like at least a year). I squirted just from clitoral stimulation, but I was a) highly aroused, and b) clenching my inner muscles periodically.

      I forgot to mention that on one occasion with Troy my ejaculate smelled very faintly of urine. It wasn’t obviously pee, just sorta spiked with it. That’s how mine today was, though it never felt like urinating.

      And I don’t really care of it was a little pee. It’s certainly not because I’m a bad person or anything and my orgasm was huge regardless.

      Anyway, good luck, Gill! I can’t wait till you join the club (again)!

  3. Work your kegels as well. The more strength your pelvic floor has the better grip action you have. As well you’ve got to try to figure out (for those where our fingers work) if you like pressure, or motion or a combination of both upon the g-spot. Then try to stimulate on your own or with a partner.

    Thanks for this!!! I might have to re-blog it one day when I get to the g-spot toys.

    I also agree with LoveSexAndMarriage, if sex is rougher, my mind gets totally focused on what my body is feeling. Then it is much easier for me to orgasm, vaginally, g-spot, clit, even anal orgasms come easily. I find the best position for g-spot is with my shoulders on the floor, my butt in the air. Some say the woman on top, some say missionary. But it is all about practicing what works best for you!!!

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  5. Dear Hy,
    I am new to the blogging world and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I feel we are kindred spirits of sorts (I have also pooped on a guy! 3 actually ) :). I have been in a self imposed,
    post-divorce, slutty period. I thought it would last a year but I have applied for an extension.

    I am a fabulous squirter! I can squirt from oral, anal, fucking & fisting. Hell I have even squirted from sucking on a cock! As long as I am turned on, I can be a regular faucet. (plastic sheets are next!). It’s not so much g spot stimulation with me ( although fucking & fisting produce the best squirty orgasms) it’s more the relaxing & contracting of the pelvic floor muscles. I’m a firm believer in kegel exercises. When I’m having a good squirty orgasm, I feel like I’m bearing down. I also treated myself to a hitachi wand about a month & a half ago. If that sucker are pussy I would never leave the house. I can have great squirty orgasms with it too. It doesn’t happen every time with the hitachi but the first time it did, I was lying in bed on my back and I squirted with such force that it hit the floor!

    Please keep writing your blog. It has made me laugh & cry. I can’t wait to read some more of the archives.
    Happy Easter. :)

  6. Thanks so much, Melissa! I can’t wait to check out your journey, as well!

    You sound very adventurous, for sure; I’ve never done anal or fisting and am pretty scared of both, honestly.

    Re: squirting, for me too it’s about a level of being turned on. I actually need to write more about it because I’ve learned more since my post :)

  7. As you will read as my blog grows (heh), Leigh can be a broken fire hydrant once she gets going. The irony is that she gets so fucking mad at me for making her come like this repeatedly and with total lack of control on her part. We also can achieve this on vocal command with simultaneous stimulation. I I adore it and also making her do it, mush to her soppy, mother of all wet spots chagrin.

    • The Neighbor and I had an experience like this recently where he made me gush despite my protests and embarrassment. He fucking loves it — like goes crazy for it! — and a big part is my utter lack of control.

  8. It is one of the best description of the instruction for squirting orgasm.Nice to hear so many women finally enjoying this gift and proudly announcing it to the world.

  9. Hi there!!!

    I just had to say thank you so much because I’ve been trying and trying to learn how to squirt and nothing… I’ve read and tried their advice and I only came close to peeing myself but not thanks to your advice I actually manage to squirt several times by clitoral stimulation… I was actually doing it while reading your blog LOL! and it suddenly happened… I thought I peed but it didn’t feel like I peed… And I touched the fluid and it was like Billings fluid… crystal, mucinous and clear… completely odorless… I was so surprised I couldn’t believe it… so I triend it again and it happened but in a mayor quantity… and again… a bit more this time and the last time was definetly a pump squirt… wowwwww… Thank you so much!!! I can’t wait to try it with this brazilian hottie who’s my sex buddy ^^

  10. dont be afraid to let yur man know that yu like it rough. the less boudaries yu have during sex the more fun and intense yur orgasm is going to be. try new things and over all have fun with yur lover. sex is a natural thing and yu can only get better through practice and experimentation.

  11. Dear Hy,

    Thank you for your interesting insight to this. I’ve only been able to squirt with my partner with him using his hands and fingers, however last night (after being away from him for over 3 weeks) I tried on my own and successfully squirted!

    My own technique is totally different to my partners. After making myself very turned on (e.g. with porn, novels, gentle touching), I started with massaging my clitoris, then inserted two fingers inside me with the similar technique you provided (and continued between these two techniqies). Untill I finished by quickly and persisently rubbing my clitoris with one finger, all the while whilst contracting and relaxing tightly.

    I finally squirted by suddenly taking the pressure off and releasing, as if I were pushing from within me. It felt as though I were pushing out my ejacuation and it continued everytime I completed that final step.

    I have found this contraction, release, and push out has been the most significant to being able to squirt (which your article has captured very well).

    Yet it didn’t feel as though I had a complete orgasm? Because I only squirted from external pressure on my clitoris.

    Please let me know if you have an insight to this!

    Thank you,


    • Hi Fran! I don’t have much more insight than what I’ve already written a out, though I think the “pushing out” is key. Have you tried using a toy to get the g-spot stimulation? That may make it feel bigger.

      Good luck and thanks for your feedback!!

  12. thanks alot i been thinking i have to pee and i run to the bathroom but everytime i do pee could i have been needing to pee the whole time r did i need to squirt and sometimes it takes forever to pee the feeling goes away when i run to the bathroom it come on real strong but goes away when i get up to go to the bathroom than sometimes i hold it till we’re done and its taking away the pleasure when i do that…

    • If you think you have to pee during sex, go before you start. I bet what you’re feeling is the sensation of you about to squirt. Go with it. Don’t stop. See what happens!

  13. Nice to find this explanation… I have been able to enjoy this myself, and yes, the first time we shared it, it came as somewhat of a surprise. She wasn’t sure what happened either, but she surely didn’t want to stop. I was able to find her spot with my erection and then with my hands. I had always enjoyed stimulating her with my thumb and, as you say, curling it upward to rub on that sensitive skin would set her flowing. Once we got in a rhythm, I could wear her out… Truly a great experience.

  14. My beloved bf told me that all women can squirt and he has been trying to make me squirted. I get very wet but have never actually experience squirting because as you had mentioned, I thought that I was going to pee. But after reading this post, I want to keeping trying till I can.

    Btw, I’m looking an article on A-spot. Do you have a post on that?

      • I haven’t squirted yet but I splashed for the first time! The mister said it was like sprinkling water for half a min or so. I am so looking forward to try that again. Thanks to your post!

        It’s the anal spot. It makes me fucking wet. You can try it! It’s like fingering your g spot but in the opposite direction. Instead of wanting to pee, it makes you want to shit.

      • Bf said it was mild squirting. I squirted today big time so much that he had to change the bedsheet! Thanks to your tips!! But so far seems like I can achieve it through sex.

        What is squirting for you, Hy? Is it like porn style (like peeing) or just making a pool on the bed?

      • It’s squirted like a fountain, but mostly it pools (but that’s usually because something is in me or on me and causes it to do that). I have a waterproof mattress pad :)

        And congrats!!

  15. Oh my God…thank you so much for this article. I swear I had been trying for so long and after reading your article I was squirting within a few minutes of clitoral stimulation through masturbation. Thank you so much! What I had been trying before (I’m pretty sure I read it somewhere or saw it in the “how to squirt” youtube video), was to push out the entire time I was having sex or masturbating, but it’s really the repeated tightening and releasing that does the trick. I needed to urinate prior to squirting, and surprisingly I still had to afterwards. The fluid did have a faint smell of urine but not too much. My boyfriend’s been wanting me to do it for so long! Thank you so much!

  16. Wow, Thanks a lot(= i’m not hardly as experienced as you are but i have always had an interest in squirting but never thought it was possible. The one time i had squirted i made the connection to pissing and immediately stopped because it also had to odor of urine. Thanks to your mentioning of the same experience i just tried it once again while standing up and arousing my clitoris and squeezing my muscles together and pushing outward and indeed it worked! I still had to check the scent of course and it was pleasant to say the least.(= I plan on going to the gym to tighten my stomach muscles so that i can push my ejaculation into my partners eye as well(; thanks again for everything .

  17. wow i really havent been able to squirt. i think i did once but that was with a huge cock in doggie style position and have never experienced it again! hellllp

  18. I’ve never squirted, or at least I think so. I remember once I kinda felt like I peed a little, but i remembered reading somewhere that you should just let go, so I did, but didn’t really “squirted” a lot. I smelled it because I really thought it was pee, and smelled a little like pee but not so much. Plus it was a clear color. Never had any other experience since then. My boyfriend keeps telling me that I should just let go, he’s determined to make me squirt, which I love, but the thought of confusing it with pee or the peeing feeling per se makes me not really pay attention to the moment or my own arousal at all. Very frustrating. Reading your post make me think. I haven’t really made a lot of research about squirt, although I always wanted to experience it, more as curiosity than anything else. Specially talking about G-spot stimulation, which for some reason I’ve never had the luck to experience. I’ve gotten to a point in which I have to fake my orgasms just to stop my lover from injuring his fingers by trying too hard. It seems like the only way for me to orgasm is via clitoris stimulation. It has been so frustrating trying to climax stimulation my G-spot, it’s like I just can’t have any sensation at all when doing it. I can feel that there’s something it should be happening, but nothing. How sad is that? :P
    However, after reading your post, you completely opened my eyes and now I’m eager to try this squeezing my muscles together and pushing outward thing. I think that’s really going to help me to get to that amazing experience!

  19. Omg guys reading the comments…. I want to but I think its all a mind thing because I fear the thought of being because it feels like pee!! Like do you just let it go or… Is it suppose to be clear or does it have a scent I don’t understand

    • It’s all of it. Sometimes it smells of urine other times not at all. It can be clear or a little darker. Depends on do many different things. Just go for it!

  20. Thank you, Hy! Although I have yet to be able to actually squirt just the fact that I know that the sensation of feeling like I need to pee is not only normal but a sign that I’m on the right path is such a turn on! Whereas before I would make my hubby stop and go at a different angle. I would hardly even let him finger me because the sensation of needing to pee was so intense. With this new kickass information my man and I just got it on like Donkey Kong in attempt to make me squirt. It was going so well; he was using his fingers to stimulate my g-spot and I was using my vibrator to a) make the feeling of having to pee more bareable and b) because thats how I normally get off (clit stimulation by his hand or my vibrator). I followed your advice of contracting my pc muscles and then relaxing (before I would just contract the hell out of them until I came) and just going with it when I felt like I needed to pee (which holy shit that feeling was more apparent then ever). I know I was right on the brink. It slowly went from feeling like I needed to pee to a different feeling…one I don’t really know how to explain. I guess there was still the need to pee but it was intensified by something else like a mthrfckr. The feeling was so intense and I got so turned on that I literally couldn’t keep myself relaxed, my muscles started contracting uncontrollably and I ended up coming without squirting. So frustrating!

    My hubby just keeps saying we need to keep practicing and that I need to take note of the different feelings/sensations and what not. I wanted to ask you if there’s anything I can do to prevent myself from contacting my muscles and coming too soon? Or can I have an orgasm and then squirt right after? We tried shortly to do that but it was sooo intense I could hardly stand it. Am I getting it totally wrong by even thinking I need to come to squirt? If so then should I just let him try stimulating my g-spot without any other stimulants so I can focus on squirting?

    Advice desperately needed! We both want me to squirt SO bad and I feel so close yet so far. How can I tweak what needs to be tweaked?

    • You’re welcome, Ashley! It sounds to me like what you experienced was what I call a g-spot orgasm. It’s a climax, but not like a clitoral orgasm. It’s intense as fuck. For me it spreads out through my chest and arms, up over my scalp and makes me hornier than a 13 yo boy.

      I think you’re hubby is right: keep practicing! But I’d caution you about being too much in your head. Just let go, girl! :) When you’re contracting and pushing out don’t think “I’m contracting and pushing out,” imagine you’re your cunt and there’s a cock in there, that you are your sex and just FEEL.

      I’ve never orgasmed then squirted. Squirting usually happens before or simultaneously as a climax/orgasm. Does that makes sense?

      Keep at it and keep me updated! xx Hy

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  22. This was AMAZING. Exactly what I have searched high and low for and could never find. I have taken time to search hard for personal experiences and any advice on how to squirt and could not find it untill today. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, it will help me so much.

    Ive been trying hard to get more in touch with my body. And the more my self love and self esteem has gone up, the better and more fulfilling my orgasms have been. I did have an interesting experience not to long ago, where I THOUGHT I could have squirted, but I was alone and the orgasm seemed not intense enough.

    I was masturbating through my clitoris and orgasmed. But when I orgasmed I tried to relax and allow myself to push out instead of holding in and staying tight wound. It seemed like I should have squirted but I didn’t. I felt myself contracting inside my vagina and i let myself push out but nothing.

    Has this ever happened to you? Does it seem that I am simply not there yet? Or perhaps I wasn’t doing enough work or concentrating enough?

      • thank you i will. Going to use my dildo on myself and do a little more G-spot searching. Ive also been doing keggles all day since i found this blog… lol!

        btw, im very suprised youve never done anal! fisting and anal are two completely different beasts. so dont put them in the same boat just yet. I love anal sex, its amazing if done right.

  23. i feel like i almost get there but then i hit a wall and i cant make myself get any higher so to speak … any ideas i would love to perfect this on my own and the do it in front of my lover

    • Have you tried contracting your pussy muscles, then pushing out around them? Not bearing down, just pushing out around a cock or dildo (or imagining that you are).

      I’m no expert, but from what I’ve learned from myself and tons of feedback, when you engage the vaginal muscles in a rhythmic clench/push it greatly increases the chances of squirting.

      And have your man use his hand on you as I described. His fingers in you, palm up, and slamming/rubbing vigorously against both your mound and gspot. It works for me every single time.

      Good luck! Lemme know how it goes!

  24. I recently learned I’m a squirter and not just any squirter…I can do it multiple times. However, it imply happens with my now bf.

    I think the best way to do it…iso to find putt what exactly turns you on the most. I love giving and receiving oral….so start off with a lot of foreplay. Then followed by hard rough clitoral and vaginal stimulation…you can feel an intense feeling of wanting deeper penetration. The harder and rougher it gets….the less controlled I am..

    It feels.like you need to pee, but not entirely…whatever happens don’t allow him.to.stop…otherwise you won’t be able to.achieve a squirt. Automatically your body will feel the need to release…and let it. I’m not the squirter that can shoot 40 ft in the air…but I’m more of like a leaky garden hose..

    My boyfriend gets pleasure and finds it erotic to see me squirt multiple times. He will do it with anyyhing. his penis, fingers, or my rabbit. It just needs to be intense…

    I am able to squirt upto 20 to 30 times and can soak the pillows, sheets, mattress. t my bf seems to enjoy it and talk about it…..its colorless from my experience…and it smells sweet. I think squirting also makes the bond.stronger between the couple

  25. Hi
    My judy is mercy and I have being trying it alone to make sure am perfect before doing it
    with my husband. but anytime I masturbate I
    feel like peeing and when I let it go okey I do climax (organism) but I dont get that foutain water. please advice.

  26. Thanks to your instructions I have no problems squirting now! However – my clitoris is dead now. I can squirt from clitoral stimulation repeatedly and fairly easy, but no orgasm at all. I don’t even get close even after an hour. I don’t have g-spot orgasms either with or after the squirting. I’m breaking water all over the place but my orgasms are gone. :( Hoping this is temporary. Any experience or advise

      • When I just want an old fashion clitoral orgasm like I used to have before I decided to learn how to squirt. I try masturbating the way I always did but I get little to no feeling or build up toward an orgasm….but I can squirt and squirt. I try more clitoral play even quite aggressively but still no orgasm of any kind by manual stimulation. I can achieve orgasm with a vibrator though – thank god! If this is unusual I’m hoping it’s not permanent.

  27. Just came across your blog. LOVE IT! Especially this post. I can also squirt and I find it is all about squeezing the pelvic floor muscles. Keep writing. I love it!

  28. Absolutely love this blog. I’ve only squirt once ever, and it took a very long time and caught me completely off guard. I can’t even remember what I did! I am definitely going to keep trying though.

  29. Hello there, hope all is well!!!

    I have just came across this post, reason being is that after 10 years being sexually active I have just found out I can squirt and loads of it.

    My first time was a few years ago once because, even though I wasn’t enbrarrased and I knew exactly what it was, the partner wasn’t impressed, until I made a massive deal about it, then he became smug about it so I just left it at that. During the weekend gone, a different partner made me squirt 5 times, 3 in a row and then 2 more times separately, the orgasms were so intense I thought at one point I’d pass out haha! I found out that I squirt really quick mainly being fingered if my g-spot is stimulated, I have also squirted being penetrated but that took longer.

    I’m in complete lust with him lol. Thanks for this post, it’s really amazing! I shall be a dedicated squirter from now on!x

  30. I am currently on the hunt for the ever elusive shejaculation. I made the mistake (or maybe not so much) of mentioning to my current partner that I’ve done it once a long time ago and it’s his mission to see me do it. Luckily, he’s very eager to help in any way that he can. The upside is that it’ll involve lots of fun trial an error, but I feel we’ll both be a bit disappointed if I can’t achieve it again. Your post was absolutely amazing and has some awesome info that I’m excited to put to work immediately!

  31. I did my research and I have been squirting, well gushing, now for about three months! Although I do kegal exercises daily, lately I am having a hard time controlling the ejaculate! Lol! I started out needing the rougher foreplay, but now I gush with any stimulation! Even changing a tampon! My bf and I have sex daily and I am always craving the feeling. Do you think that because this is still relatively new to me, is the reason I am so easily stimulated?

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  35. i had no idea i could squirt so easily until a friend of mine took me thru the dos and donts exactly like the way Hy explained and ohh! the feeling of squirting is to die for.you just need to contract ya muscles n then release.Best feeling ever.joycie

  36. Av always felt dis feeling, but I always tot I wanted 2 pee lool… Bt in d morning while masturbating, I felt d feeling it was awesome, nd I squirted jus a bit nd it all went bak 2 normal… Ill try it again 2nyt

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