My sweet Dawn is a master of words. Her poetry is, literally, poetry. No hyperbole there.

This is by far one of my favorites of hers (and there are many before this), but today’s offerings struck me right between the eyes.

Enjoy, my friends.


Alice Thierry

Take me
On a boat
On a ferris-wheel
On the couch
On a trip

Take me

Take me

Take me
To foreign lands
To a park
To the top
To your house
To strange, unexplored places
To bed

Take me
Like a pro-wrestler
Like a convict who just got out of prison
Like a sailor on leave
Like a sweet poet
Like a romantic lover
Like you know what you’re doing
Like I’m asking you to
Like I’m begging on my knees
Like I’m offering myself to you

Take me
From behind
From underneath
From here
From wherever you feel like

Take me
In my mouth
In my ass
In my empty spaces
In your arms
In your hands
In your mouth
In your heart

Take me
For a ride
For a whore
For someone else
For whatever it’s worth

Take me…

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