I want to fuck another couple.

The Neighbor and I are headed out to meet a couple, the Greens, for drinks tonight. Soft or hard swap, multi-swap, all-way, one-way, whatever and who knows. I don’t even know all the lingo — it’s its own language. A separate sex vocabulary.

The grey sky will blanket us all, drinks will warm our bellies, chemistry — if there — will do the rest with the help of my butterflies’ muscles.

So far, and happily, down the rabbit hole that I’ve forgotten what a sunrise looks like.


35 thoughts on “I want to fuck another couple.

  1. I hope it went well. I was going to keep my mouth shut in case it fell through, but we were meeting another couple last night too. It fell through…ha!

      • And my fear was agreeing to meet them too early and not feeling it or feeling it and coming off desperate. Then they decided (or she) that it wasn’t the right time.

        I would love to read more about your process of finding the Greens. Your feelings, about being with another woman and/or TN being with her. Your feelings about being with the man, your boundaries, your every feeling. Heh, I guess I want to see how my thoughts align with yours.

  2. I’ll look forward to hearing how it went. Whenever Sofia and I have tried to meet another couple, it’s always fallen through. Most people are much more talk than they are action. When we finally got another couple in the bedroom the wife was put off by how much her husband was turned on by Sofia. She called a stop to the whole affair.

  3. Great teasing post:-)

    The only thing missing is Noodles saying “Love you darling.”
    Somehow, not having that heightens the feeling of bereavement.
    You know, just like when Whatshername left suddenly.

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