Tomorrow is Boobday!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the breast day of the week!

Go here for info. I’ll take submissions today and all day tomorrow.

In TN-Hy news, we’re busy having sex every day this week. Sunday marked Day 0, Monday, Day 1, etc. I have so many filthy stories to share so far I can’t keep up.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted and stupidly happy.

I fucking love this kid…


21 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Boobday!

  1. This is all an experience and the irony of life; to love someone who doesn’t love you the same way, but to be completely sexually satisfied. Odd when people usually can’t have one without the other. Damn Hy! Despite your stories and experiences, I can’t say I envy you. That shit’s got to hur! Boobalicious hugs and I can’t wait to read the new sexiness! (I hope I wasnt’ offensive in any way :-)) xxx

  2. I guess it myst bevrhe season, the coming of sun or something… Wifey has been killing me these days although I was alteady almost dead (from work)

    Enjoy TN the most. There’s never too much pleasure to store for harder times ;-)

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