Friday, March 29th, is Boobday!

What is Boobday?

Boobday is a place for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks. Transgender, queer, straight, bi, fit, fat, and in between.

All of us who are the owners of breasts know their magical powers, but not everyone gets to hear it. I hope this will become a place of support and praise. I hear all the time from The Neighbor how much he loves my breasts; I see it in his eyes and feel his cock get hard the instant my flesh hits his lips or touches his fingertips. I want every woman to feel special in that way. Just for being a woman.

Anyone may submit a photo and I take submissions throughout the week, so if you want to be included in next week’s go ahead and don’t wait! Let me know whether or not you want to be anonymous or not. If you’re a blogger and want me to link back, send me your Boobday url. One of these days I’ll figure out a better system, like one of those Linky deals.

It can be an exposed breast, covered, scarred, removed, big, small, augmented, whatever.

Boobs — I’m convinced — are loved by literally everyone. Gay men, straight men, women, children, babies, and hungry baby animals (apparently). EVERYONE LOVES BOOBS, so lets celebrate them!

Man… I so wish I could share this with TN. He’d be in hog heaven.

My boobs:


There’s a wiener dog on my chest.

Not my boobs:


She said they’re sunburned, but I can’t see anything but creamy white for days.


A gracious, anonymous submission.


Speechless and honored. This is only her 2nd public boob pic ever (click through).


The ubiquitous Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss (click through).


This 44 yo reader said I could “crop out the rest.” I told her, “No way.”


I can picture my face buried in there.


G’s tittie’s are making an uber-sexy peek-a-boo appearance (click through).


A dip in the waist, a curve in the breast.


LSAM in wet t-shirt glory (click through).


The lovely Grace (click through).


April “apologized” for not fitting both her big girls in the frame. *wink wink*


Big, beautiful boobies.


Does this remind you of anyone?


Hard to pick between the pout and the tits.


Twisted Angel  related to April (click through)


June Like the Month’s luscious ladies (click through).

Ok, last one for this weekend.  All others will be included next week:


Pillow-y (click through).

[Postscript: In doing this project this week, I’ve unearthed several emails in my junk folder from readers. God only knows how many have been lost forever. If you’ve ever emailed me and never heard back, email again! I always write y’all back!]

53 thoughts on “Friday, March 29th, is Boobday!

  1. What a lovely group of FUN ladies!

    Mwah! to all of you:-)

    And Hy, it is so good of you to lend out TN! “I want every woman to feel special in that way.” Are you going to take 10-minute bookings or let girls have the full half hour?

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  4. You women are just amazing. I wish the rest of the female world embraced the true medicinal power of their tits. For a man, they’ll make a dark day bright. They’ll make him drag his tired ass out of bed and give him energy he thought he’d lost. Embrace this power, ladies, and the world will be a better place.

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  6. Hy, you have started something that I hope continues… Thank you both for sharing your beauty and for the additions…. As I posted on one, I believe now that our cups do runneth over…. Awesome.

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