Friday, May 3rd, is Boobday!


Cold snaps and long, grown-up-ish conversations with Peyton, intellectual dexterity and a growing love, family peace and heartfelt sorrow.  This week has been a leaf like the one I watched twitch and jerk across the sidewalk at the red light this morning: unnatural in its strange, disjointed movements, yet natural in its poetic drift from its spot on the tree.

I think this is as good as it gets.  It’s my vision into the Matrix.

Enjoy the tits, everyone, as we slide towards summer and the middle of the year from a quirky, moody spring.



Remember, please give our generous lady friends lots of love here or on her blog.  And pass it around on Twitter and such with the #Boobday hashtag.

Wanna participate in Boobday?  Go here and read the guidelines.

Edit. note: Participants, none of you said whether or not you wanted to be anonymous, so I erred on the side of caution.  If you don’t want to be anonymous, lemme know and I’ll edit the image with a note.

My tits:


What my tits look like after a chilly softball game and a long, cozy cuddle under the covers.

NOT my tits:


This was her first pick, but she was worried cocks weren’t allowed in Boobday pics.


This was her 2nd, backup option.


Silverdrop has done it again.


Her note to me read, “Nothing says “here’s the weekend!” like tequila! xxx”


Those tits, those tats.


I love a little before and after.

30 thoughts on “Friday, May 3rd, is Boobday!

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  3. Oh Hy! You can link my submission every time! To be among these ladies is an honor!
    By the way, major hard on right now seeing all of these lovely fleshy mounds.
    Can I motor boat you? I’m gonna do it anyway! ;-)
    Have a fab weekend, Hy! xxx

  4. Very lovely ensemble ladies! Thank you so much for participating and Hy for facilitating. In my line of work Fridays have become dreadful… but no longer! I think I need to make some thank you cards specifically for this here glorious holiday.

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  6. Yay for Boobday!! All you ladies are so lovely. Such a nice way to celebrate our different shapes and sizes.
    I was out raging last night at book club, so I missed this week. But sticking to my posting goals, I went ahead and did a Boobday post anyway.

    Thank you for doing this every week Hy, love you girl!!


    P.S. I totally agree about tequila!! And lovely head on that sneak peek of the titty fuck (and I love that black bra)… Yum!

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