Friday, May 17th, is Boobday!


You are beautiful.  You are sexy.  You are delicious and delectable right now.  Today.  Tonight.  Tomorrow.

Lift your chin high, swing your fucking hips.  Own it.  Own youAll of you.  

And I say this to all of you.



Want to participate in Boobday?  Go here for guidelines.



He wanted to know where his “morning titties” were.


Not mine:


It’s my sweet Dawn and her little burned titties.


It’s the wayward June Like the Month.



Ms. Scarlett and her sassy print.



April and her starry pillows.



The bookish Silverdrop.



PinkKitten says Boobday is her “favourite day of the week”!



18 thoughts on “Friday, May 17th, is Boobday!

  1. What is it about breasts that make you want to suckle? I’m well beyond my oral stage, but cocks and boobs always make me want to latch on until I get something good. Lol. Early morning confessions.

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