Friday, June 14th, is Boobday!


It’s an intimate turn out this week, but we pack quite a punch, don’t we?

Did I miss anyone??



Wanna participate in Boobday?  Go here and read the guidelines.  If submissions don’t meet the requirements, they will be rejected, so please, please, please read carefully and include all the info each time!  Thanks, everyone!! xx

My tits:


Classy in a bathroom stall.

NOT my tits:


G, always tantalizing.


It’s Ginger, y’all, and her Daddy behind the strings.


The scrumptious and creative Kayla.

26 thoughts on “Friday, June 14th, is Boobday!

  1. Beautiful, all of them. SH is a beast man and loves them in all their shapes, sizes, looks and ages. And we once again forgot to submit a piccie. Ah well, we’ll put a piccie up on our blog and link it back.

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  3. Hy, nice cleavage! I love the black and white too. Ginger, I love the perspective on the string. What is getting done to your nipples looks intriguing. :) Kayla, you have such pretty nipple jewelry!

  4. Looking lovely ladies, and to Kayla, you have officially influenced me to get those nipple gems. Beautiful :-) xxx

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  6. I truly have to thank all you ladies who participate! Out of all the things that I find more attractive on a woman are her boobs. Sure, one might think that is typical but I believe not quite so in my case. See, given all things being equal, I’ll take boobs over looks. It is a shape that I never find dull. While living in South Korea, finding boobs is a bit of a challenge (heh) but when I do get a chance to see them, there is a rather strong and strange reaction to their particular colouring that I am surprised at how much their shade of skin and nipples arouse me. And then mix that with the ones that have ‘western-sized’ boobs and I’m pretty much done for. So, for all your efforts here, thank you for my ‘size fix’ and not to mention the sheer audacity you have for doing so!

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