Friday, July 5th, is Boobday!


Boobday is getting more and more fans. Women tell me that they’ve “rediscovered” their breasts and now find them “beautiful” and “sexy” again. I cannot express to you how much this makes me beam and glow and smile. It’s so wonderful!!

I am beyond thrilled that Boobday can be a vessel to carry anyone towards more self-love and acceptance. I heard from one participant that it’s made her realize the depth of differences between breasts. There are — quite literally — infinite combinations of traits and plenty of people out there to love and appreciate them.

And to all you who have written me to say that you’re working up the courage to participate, I say to you to just relax and do it whenever you’re ready (if ever). I’ll keep doing this for as long as possible and will certainly let everyone know if I have to stop.

I don’t choose who gets posted and who doesn’t. If someone submitted something really beyond my comfort zone (like with an animal or scat or urine) then I would politely ask for a new photo, but other than that, whatever you submit, I’ll post so long as there’s a breast in it and it’s the point of the image.

All this to say, keep them coming, ladies! You’re unique and beautiful just the way you are. Every cell in your body has a story to tell. Let the voices be heard.

Oh, and Happy (belated) Independence Day, America!!



*Denotes first timers.

Wanna participate in Boobday? Go here and read the guidelines. Your email MUST include “Boobday” in the subject line and clear instructions on whether you are to be anonymous, or not. Also include your Boobday post URL or your blog URL, as well as your Twitter handle if you have one and want to be linked up. Please don’t make me look this shit up :) I’m about to stop doing that extra step for y’all. I’m a cranky Hy these days. xx

My tits:


You’ll see a whole collage of these in my next write-up.

NOT my tits:


*This is Panty Parade’s first pic for Boobday. I love the blur and the pale. Follow her at @offgothepanties.

photo (1)

*cAt’s first submission for Boobday. Sadly, she got policed by WP on the 4th and suspended. You can still follow her at @catrinolusso on Twitter.


It’s sweat and heavy-breasted Ginger, y’all! I’m a sucker for when the bra strap pulls away like that.


Beck is certainly displaying her kink. Follow her at @beck42069.

Lips & Tits

Our sweet Lola and HH also got suspended on the 4th by WP. But here’s Lo and her luscious — well — EVERYTHING. I hope they’re back and swell soon!


Scarlet and lots of lucky bubbles.


Look at what Kayla is giving us today!! Follow her at @KaylaLords on the Tweet Machine.


Our longtime participant, Anonymous Aussie. Those breasts look like butter!


*Another first-timer, MellowDee, let’s us peek down her top. Follow her at @__mellowdee__

IMAG0030_1 (1)

*Shalynne exposes herself for the first time to us. Follow her at @ShalynneSwings.


A prism decided to help out G this week. Superb. Follow her at @curvymilfy.


Emma toys with us in the best way possible. Follow her at @dirtylittlew.


Silverdrop making a sexy call. Follow her at @silverdropuk.


22 thoughts on “Friday, July 5th, is Boobday!

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  2. I am so sorry to hear that WP has decided to get all PC and canned these blogs. In particular, HH and Lo have been one of those pillars of sanity for ever in this community, this corner of supportive sexiness. I wish all of you and your followers well in your bereavement.
    I am so angry with WP over this. It undermines the trust we place in them, to guard the efforts the bloggers make for the rest of us.

  3. Lovely ladies, all.
    Hy, I want to participate next week, but the only way I can send you a photo is via an email address that reveals my name & profession. I’m ok with that if you are.

  4. That is horrible that those blogs were suspended, I hope they are back fast (and WP gives a good explanation on what to do to prevent that in the future…as if).

    Such beautiful titties! Glad there are so many new participants! Thank you for creating this meme. :)

  5. He Hy – what a beautiful picture you did – can’t wait to see the collage! Honestly gorgeous! What is up with suspensions? Are they forever? What did they post and will you get suspended if a pic is too kinky?! I guess I can search the WP guidelines so don’t feel obligated to answer – I just don’t want HH and Lola to go away!!! Thanks beautiful,

  6. So many beautiful breasts out there! My hubby is a boob man and he approves….and is your latest follower :-)

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