Friday, July 19th, is Boobday!


It’s what’s beneath the breast this week.  My heart is broken, but it feels frozen and waiting.  Numb.

And then it loves continuously like the endless ticking of a second hand despite its wounds.

Such a fickle, strange, brave thing a heart is…



Wanna participate in Boobday? Go here and read the guidelines if you’re new and check for updates if you’ve been around a bit. 

My tits:


NOT my tits:


A powerful image from A Cheeky Aussie. “This is my very scared chest whilst the docs prod and poke me over why I’ve been fainting. Hopefully it’s nothing but I figured I might borrow your internet boyfriend for a bit of support.”


G’s on top of it: nothing sexier than a woman in a white button down. Follow her on Twitter here.


Cara’s trying to stay cool. @thereon_cara


cAt has risen from the ashes (F you, WP!). Her site is private, so you’ll have to ask permission.  @CatLusso.


Ginger gets tweaked. Hard.


“I’m on a date tonight & couldn’t resist sharing, with you too…”


The gorgeous Anisa. I want to say this is her first time, but I could be wrong.

17 thoughts on “Friday, July 19th, is Boobday!

  1. Hy, your beautiful broken heart, if only hugs could heal…Needless to say, I’d send a few thousand your way if I could.

    Cheeky Aussie, my thoughts are with you, I hope they find whatever it is that is making you faint!

    Cara, your nipple and toes are adorable and your photo says a lot. It has been hot here too!

    cAt, no wonder you were so eager for Boobday! What a gorgeous photo that is, I want to be part of that photo shoot!

    Ginger, ouch! That looks fun!

    Anisa, wow! This photo is stunning, someone has a nice camera and skills with aperture! Gorgeous! Now I feel a need to go back through the Boobday archives to see if we have any more shots of you.

    Anon on a date, you sexy girl, go get it!!

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  3. Such wonderful images, such delicious breasts. I mean nice breasts. Is delicious too forward? ;) As a long-time follower, I’m so glad to see Anisa make it to the page! So lovely! Of course all of you are! I just had a fanboy moment.

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