Friday, July 26th, is Boobday!


I had a long conversation the other day with a young woman.  She’s barely in her 20s and the epitome of nubile.  And she hates her breasts.  Of course.

In her estimation, her 32DDs don’t look like they did when she was younger.  Her heartbreak was evident as she knew she was staring down the path of continued aging and her wish to look 19 forever would become more or less a joke.  I didn’t laugh at her.  I could feel her pain.

I felt my self-imposed gag order more than ever in that moment.  I wanted to show her there was a classy, respectful, cheeky place on the internet that showcases breasts of all kinds — and every week, no less!  But I was mute.  I cannot reveal my secret sex blog, even for the benefit of one affected girl.

She will have to come to the conclusion that her body is sacred, perfect in its own ways, without the small benefit of Boobday and its loyal followers and participants.  Hopefully, with age, she will come to see that our reverence of the preternatural 19 year old “look” is truly a farce and that men of all ages and around the world love us in all our stages of life.

Here’s to that girl.  I’m glad I’m no longer her.



My tits:


My heart really always will be in SF.

NOT my tits:


Dear Ella got shut down by WP this week. She wants me to tell you it’ll take a while before she can get back up. And, yes, the usual “pornographic content” was their reason. If this is porn, then we’re all in trouble.


G’s out gallivanting around on vacation, but she took this one last week for us. She called it “weird,” but I think it’s exceptional.

photo (15)

cAt and her sexy self.


Beck and her lollipop. And cleavage.

Scarlett and her scarlet nails.

22 thoughts on “Friday, July 26th, is Boobday!

  1. I had written my Booday post before reading yours, and it feels cosmic now to have written it. I love what your project stands for and trying to find inner love within my self is the reason why I participate. It is a journey, but not one that a person walks through with ease. I’m glad you made, and can now serve as a testament to it.
    Nice boobies ladies, and happy Boobday to everyone! xxx

      • I didn’t submit a photo in time, so I did my post this morning. I went to get the link to this one, and then read it and it was an extra push to press ‘publish.’ I usually shy away from my insecurity complex, but somethings have to be written.
        You’re doing good stuff Hy, truly. xxx

  2. I love the composition of the photos. Creative.

    I don’t particularly enjoy my boobs either, but they are lovely in their own way. Hasn’t really stopped anyone from touching or sucking on them thus far. Lol.

  3. I have to say I missed seeing Anisa, Cara and MaríMar here this week ;) and I missed seeing your flesh too Hy. And I really want to know why your heart was so heavy Thursday night. When you’re ready xo

  4. There’s been a few times I’ve wanted to mention boob day… But doing so would likely expose my identity and also reveal more of my pervy side than most would like to hear. It’s probably known that I like to admire boobs and bodies of all shapes and sizes, but for some odd reason I’m socially not allowed to verbalize it. And so, I am admiring all these wonderful boobs and their owners for doing what they do. Special nod to Scarlett this week. xo

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