I’d like to be a Top Sex Blogger of 2013.


Playing in a sunbeam the other morning.

Hello Internet Boyfriend! It’s that time of year when Rori opens up her blog to host her annual Top Sex Bloggers List. Just about anyone is eligible to be nominated so long as they have a sex blog, write once a week, are (mostly) public, and are still current.

Last year, I was astounded to land the #3 spot. I assure you I’m not holding my breath to come anywhere close to that again. Beginner’s luck, is what I’d call it.

This year, I’m telling myself I’d just like to be listed among the many. It felt awfully nice — like running my fingers through sunbeam-warmed kitty fur-nice — to be among so many incredible, creative, sexy writers. But I’m mildly ashamed to admit it. Making a list shouldn’t matter, but it kinda does. We all want to make the list. Makes me grimace a little that I can be so shallow. *sigh*

And since I can’t make it to EroticonUSA this year (I have my kid that weekend and there’s no way I can lie about switching a weekend to leave town to go to a secret sex blog convention), landing on this list will have to suffice.

So, if you have a second, please pop over and list me (Hyacinth at http://adissolutelifemeans.com) as someone you’d like for her to take a peek at for consideration. It’d be awfully kind of you if you did!

As for me, I nominated about 20 people, yet I’m all anxious about it, like I’m taking a test I’m woefully unprepared for.

I don’t want to leave anyone out whom I love, but I also don’t want to “just list everyone” (as I’m writing this, I realized I forgot at least one writer I want to include!). I listed blogs which I find regularly entertaining and/or titillating, but if I didn’t include you please don’t take it personally. I’m an asshole, remember? And my memory is bad. I had a helluva time in the 90s and early 2000s.

And to put some of all of this into perspective for you, some of my favorite people don’t list me back! It’s all good and everyone is entitled to their feelings whatever they are. I can handle it. Mostly.

Anyhoo, spread the word around your corner of the internet that Rori’s nominations are open and off to the races. Keep your head up, your eyes focused on your own personal writing goals, and your dicks hard!

Love to you all,


15 thoughts on “I’d like to be a Top Sex Blogger of 2013.

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Everyone wants to make the list, it’s a great honor, bragging rights and just all around fucking cool as hell to be on Rori’s list. Good luck on making “the list.”

    • Theo!! Jesus Christ!! You’re one of my absolute FAVORITES and I’m fairly certain I forgot to list you lol See?? I’m terrible!

      And thanks! My dissolute ass thanks you!! xx Hy

      • Not a problem, Hy. I haven’t been around as much as you lately — that, plus your sponsorship of Boobday entitles you to the honor.

  2. Don’t be so modest Hy….your writing is most worthy of being on the list….don’t ever be ashamed for being pleased at receiving the praise & recognition you’re deserving of… & yes, boobday is yours & it’s a huge success! ;)

      • Well how else are you going to make people aware. I saw that little icon last year but I never knew bloggers nominated bloggers so that was cool to see.
        So, I don’t think is shameful.. just my opinion. :)
        BTW thank you for mentioning me. I was totally surprised.

      • Gosh I didn’t know… Thank you so much for telling me. I am so happy that you like reading me. :-)
        I understand about being busy… :-( I wish I had more time to read as well.

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