I had a great nooner once.

Go here to read a little about Geoff. He proved himself to be an agile, robust lover.  If it weren’t for his incessant talking I might have enjoyed myself a lot more than I did.  We were lovers in March and maybe April of 2011.

This post is from old writings from that time. I hadn’t met The Neighbor, yet; I was on a mission to fuck anyone and everyone if only my heart would stop breaking.

Also, amazing what a couple of years of writing will do to the quality of my work. I cringed when I reread it, so I’ve made some changes so I’m not so embarrassed to share.

My sex drive is off the charts.  Being fucked once does nothing except make sure I don’t combust; it whets my appetite for more.  It’s the Sisyphus aspect of this whole thing. 

So I made a date for Geoff to come and fuck me midday, then leave.

I ran out to the top of my stairs to meet him and hoped he could see my white panties up my skirt as he climbed the stairs. 

He smiled all the way up the steps. Fun times were ahead! A little naked party just for me and him!

I flung myself at him as he climbed the last steps and he caught me in his arms and kissed me passionately at the top of the stairs.

Laughing, kissing, and walking backwards I led him to my front door.  His cologne filled my nostrils as his mouth devoured mine and we fell into the apartment. 

Pearl snaps popped open and his shirt fell in a heap on the floor as we continued towards my bed.  He threw me down and stripped off the rest of his clothes.

“I love being fully clothed with a naked man,” I purred as I looked him over.

He was hairless and freckled mostly everywhere and his big, meaty erection hung down and to my left like a wayward banana. He’d ignored my questions about the direction of his erection the one time I’d brought it up, so I figured a man was allowed his secrets. 

I peeled my dress off and he grabbed my panties, then a condom.  Suddenly he was on top of me pile driving into me.  I could feel the tip of his cock on the left side of my canal, brushing my cervix and making me twist beneath him.

For minutes on end he slammed into me and I pushed against the wall and bore down, pushing hard with my velvety muscles with every thrust. 

He grabbed my feet and put them together before his face and fucked me like a rabid dog.  I could barely move when he cussed and stopped, gathering himself, “Oh my God, I’m gonna fucking cum.  I gotta wait a second.”

I laughed and grabbed his ass as he pulled out and dove onto my pussy with his mouth.  His goatee tickled my thighs as his broad, warm tongue lapped at me like a scoop of ice cream.

I panted that I wanted him inside of me again, but he said no.  He lifted his face and kissed me deeply, my own scent a delicious cloud about me.  His other hand worked my clit and I squirted fiercely into his hand as I cried out.  His eyes lit up and he stroked harder; I squirted more, writhing beneath his hand and begged him to fuck me.

He flipped me over and drove into me, his hands gripping my hips tightly.  I swung back down onto him with all my strength, curving a little at the end.  I reached back beneath me and cupped his balls. 

I heard him moan and then begin to speak about how he loved my body and how I was such a good fuck and so good at it. Little sexy kindnesses every woman loves to hear.

My insides were filled and my arms and shoulders were going numb with delight.  I felt tears and laughter pricking my face, giddy with desire and sensation.

Our bodies were slick with sweat when he finally came, his control pinpoint.  We flopped onto my pillows and I quickly grabbed my vibe, asked him to hold my throat tightly and came fast and hard, even squirting some while doing so.

Finally I relaxed and we chatted amiably.  He didn’t talk as much this time and for that I was grateful.  Again he asked if I wanted him to stay or if he should go.  I fibbed and told him a friend was coming over soon and he’d have to leave in 30 minutes.  “Besides, I need to freshen up after the two-hour fuckfest I just had,” I said.

I lazed with my leg slung over him and he held my hand as we laughed and shared stories watching the clock tick 30 minutes.  Then he patted my ass and got up and dressed.  We hugged and kissed and he pressed me up against the wall by the door and promised to call me later.

It was the best nooner I’ve ever had.

10 thoughts on “I had a great nooner once.

  1. What a nooner I wish knew someone like you. You so fun and open minded makes the sex better. Your post actually turned me on. Which means what a great writer you are because I don’t like to read much but you captivated me. Thanks for an awesome post.

  2. Hy, hot hot hot! I love the first paragraph, I felt like that yesterday, a good fuck could only satisfy me a few minutes. Although I didn’t have a two hour nooner….I wish!

  3. I love that he talked too much! It reminded my of one of my escapades when I was young and dumb:
    I took a coworker I’d met in a club (not on purpose) home in *her* car because she was too drunk to drive. We chatted all the way, and then parked outside her place. Instead of inviting me in she invited me into the back seat, so we moved there and continued talking. As the sun came up we both realised we better get to fucking because people would be walking past soon, so we did.
    Years later I bumped into her again (she was no longer a coworker) and we caught up for a coffee. It was great to see her again, and I finally got the chance to apologise for something that had been gnawing away at me all those years: I knew I’d cum too quickly!
    She just laughed. “I don’t remember that,” she said “it was good. What I do remember is that you talked forever! You kept talking and I just wanted to fuck you”

    Ah yes, one of those “what would you tell your younger self now, if you could” stories…

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