Friday, December 20th, is BEST BRA Boobday!


This week looks like a Victoria’s Secret catalog, but with headless models instead.  There’s something about anonymity that really makes lingerie photos sexier to me.  I know there are some who don’t like the disembodied feel (N. Likes, I’m talking about you, my friend), but I think it’s illicit and daring and leaves the possibilities endless.

Is her face round or heart-shaped?  Are her lips full or slender?  Her lashes long or light?  Even: what color are her eyes? I like to play the guessing game of which face matches the round, swelling curves below it.

What are your guesses this week?

Next week’s theme is SPARKLE, and January 3rd’s is NEW.



Want to participate in Boobday?  Go here and read the Guidelines and State of the Boob Union to answer any questions, but this is the TL;DR of what I need each time:

  1. an attached pic

  2. a sentence about why you chose this particular photo

  3. if you want to be anonymous or not

  4. a hyperlink or URL to your Twitter handle (if you have one)

  5. a hyperlink or URL to your blog post (if you have one and post, it must have my Boobday banner and a link back to me)

Emails sent to me with all of this info plus the theme will be given preferential treatment.  I will not look up links.

My (2!) BEST BRA tits:




This is TN’s fav.

NOT my BEST BRA tits:


Anonymous Blonde dazzles in a restroom for us.

I have an addiction to pretty bras, and while this one isn’t my most exotic, it is what I happened to be wearing at work when I snuck in a moment to participate in Boobday.



“Dawn” pulls out an old favorite.



Holly gives us a peek.

I love this bra because it is black, lacy and reveals a hint of pink underneath.  It always makes my boobs look amazing, and most importantly, I feel sexy when I wear it.



Follow her at @BisexualMinx.

I am in the process of replacing ALL my bras, so this is the only pretty one I have right now…. I am working on replenishing my supply of sexy bras.



Follow her at @SilverdropUK.

SilverDom writes: I love her being braless, because I’m a breast man. However, even I can’t complain when the bra she’s wearing looks like this…



Super secret, Anonymously Anonymous.

A gift from a gentleman friend.



Follow her at @KaylaLords.

This was my best bra ever, and nothing has been found to match its awesomeness – yet.


62 thoughts on “Friday, December 20th, is BEST BRA Boobday!

  1. Very pretty ladies!

    I was going through my photos yesterday and found so many with bras that I can no longer find, how does someone lose bras? Especially when I don’t dare go out braless. I was laughing then but now I’m imagining some bra thief on the loose in my neighborhood.

  2. I love that black and blue bra Kayla, the picture is really beautiful too. Though I’d probably never wear one like this, I hate the padded bra type (I feel imprisoned in them)…

  3. With all that’s been going on I didn’t get to submit this week – and if I had, it’d have been a nursing bra, believe it or not. Not only was it super cute, but it was a symbol of one of the times my body functioned properly. I’m sure not many would have found it very sexy, but it was the best.

    • Ah, well, I ran out of time too : I only took one pic this week, instead of my usual 10+ tries :-)
      Busy times for everyone. But I’m looking forward to seeing your beauty again next week…

  4. For the record, it’s not the disembodied-ness that I don’t like. It’s that I don’t know the women to whom the breasts belong. (Well – except for four of them.)

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