My friends, my inspirations, and who I always check up on to read.  The list is always morphing as my interests change, my knowledge grows, friendships deepen, and people disappear.

And, please, if you want bring it to my attention that I’ve left you off this list, don’t hesitate!  I want to be synched up the best I can!


  1. Cara Thereon

  2. Creative Noodling

  3. Diary Incarnate

  4. D i i r r t y

  5. Filled and Fooled

  6. Leah Lays London (so sad she’s not writing anymore)

  7. Love Sex and Marriage

  8. My Sex Life With Lola

  9. Only Partly Erotic (I miss him terribly)

  10. Pivoine68

  11. Stories From a Man’s Abyss

  12. Story of Alice

  13. Theo Black

  14. You Linger Like a Haunting Refrain


  1. A Sexual Being

  2. A True Unfolding

  3. Bare Naked Lady

  4. Delving Into Deviance

  5. Deviant Diaries

  6. Deviant Wench

  7. Domme Chronicles

  8. Dumb Domme

  9. Innocent Loverboy

  10. Kink in Exile

  11. Lady Pandora

  12. Leah Lays London

  13. Love Sex and Marriage

  14. Molly’s Daily Kiss

  15. Post-Modern Single

  16. Scribbles of a Confused Mind

  17. Stories From a Man’s Abyss

  18. Story of Alice

  19. Unraveling MariMar

  20. Vagina Antics

  21. You Linger Like a Haunting Refrain

Sex Bloggers, Not Otherwise Specified

  1. Accidental Masturbator

  2. Cammies on the Floor

  3. Confessions of Your Husband’s Mistress

  4. Dirty Little Whispers

  5. Fun-Sized

  6. Filled and Fooled

  7. Girl on the Net

  8. Innocent Loverboy

  9. I Know That, But…

  10. My Dissolute Life

  11. Normal Deviations

  12. OoOoOoO

  13. Penny For Your Thoughts

  14. Remittance Girl

  15. Sexy Masquerade

  16. The Honest Courtesan

  17. Through the Lens

  18. Vagina Antics

Sex Work

  1. The Honest Courtesan

  2. Turning Off the Red Light

Other sites I like to look at:

  1. The Salacious Stranger

  2. Me In My Place

  3. Love Boudouir

  4. Adult Blog Hub Sex Press

  5. The Food and Wine Hedonist

  6. 101 Cookbooks

  7. Fetlife

  8. AFF


24 thoughts on “Dissolutes

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