I track everything. Especially when I get fucked.  And, yes, I know how ridiculous this list seems now, but how was I supposed to know I’d be blogging for 2 years?  Forgive me.

All names are pseudonyms — except those that aren’t.



Dec 11: TN, no hardon, so we did something else –> COMING SOON!

Dec 9: TN

Dec 7: TN, bad news still bothering me, I needed comforting –> COMING SOON!

Dec 5: TN, after hanging with yet another neighbor, he stormed over naked with a raging hardon –> COMING SOON!

Dec 1: TN, I beat his ass

Nov 29: TN, cummmm

Nov 23: TN

Nov 21: TN

Nov 20: TN, twice

Nov 17: TN, more lurv

Nov 14: TN

Nov 11: TN

Nov 9: TN

Nov7: TN

Nov 5: TN

Nov 2: TN

Oct 30: TN

Oct 25: TN

Oct 24, TN: surprise!

Oct 22: TN

Oct 18: TN

Oct 11&12: TN

Oct 8: TN, mad TN

Oct 7: TN

Oct 5: TN

Oct 3: TN

Sep 28: TN, country visit

Sep 21: TN, he likes my pics

Sep 17: TN

Sep 15: TN

Sep 9: TN, loooove

Sep 8: TN

Sep 5: TN

Sep 1&2: TN

Aug 27: TN, I hurt him

Aug 24: TN, La Maison du Voisin

Aug 22: TN, lavished

Aug 18: TN, I watch

Aug 5-13: TN, a deliberate days-long fuck fest

Aug 3: TN

Jul 30: TN

Jul 26: TN

Jul 23: TN

Jul 20: TN, clean as a whistle

Jul 19: TN

Jul 15: TN, he wins

Jul 12: TN, savage fuck

Jul 11: TN

Jul 9 : TN, he is tender

Jul 7: TN – I make him a birthday dinner and end up getting a backrub

Jul 6: TN – a quickie bent over the bed before I go out with a friend

Jul 3: TN – he takes control

Jul 2:TN – lighting

Jul 1: TN

Jun 25: TN

Jun 20: TN

Jun 17: TN, calibrate

Jun 15-16: TN

Jun 9-11: TN, 3 nights

Jun 7-8: TN

Jun 3-4: TN

Jun 1: TN

May 24-27: TN

May 21: TN, whipped

May 20: TN, lightening

May 18: TN

May 16: TN

May 12: TN

May 9: TN, Hitachi fail

May 8: TN

May 5: TN, I cum during sexI finally admit that my “g-spot things” are actually orgasms

May 4: TN

May 1: TN

Apr 28: TN, toy

Apr 26: TN

Apr 20-22: TN

Apr 18: TN

Apr 16: TN

Apr 15: TN, love notes

Apr 8-10, TN

Apr 4-5: TN

Mar 26-31,: TN, Days 2-7

Mar 25, TN, Day 1: 3 S’s

Mar 24: TN, Day 0 – TN agrees to help me have sex every day for a week.  Something I’ve never done before.  We decide not to count today, though.

Mar 22: TN

Mar 16: TN, tears in my ears

Mar 15: TN,  beautiful man

Mar 11: TN, permission to fuck?

Mar 8: TN

Mar 4: TN

Feb 28: TN

Feb 25: TN, underpants

Feb 22-23: TN, loved

Feb 15-16: TN

Feb 14: TN, ready

Feb 11: TN

Feb 8: TN, PDA

Feb 1: TN, risotto

Jan 31:TN

Jan 29: TN

Jan 26: TN, oblivion

Jan 23: TN

Jan 20: TN, pitch a tent

Jan 18 & 19: TN, movie – a Friday and Saturday night.  Friday he came over and we cuddled and fucked, Saturday I made us dinner we fucked and watched a movie until I passed out in his arms.  So sexy.

Jan 16: TN

Jan 14: TN, learning – TN and I explore the boundaries of D/s all night – drawing, spankings, words of address, fucking, squirting, loving

Jan 13: TN, sorry

Jan 11: TN, sick

Jan 6: TN, morning sex

Jan 4: TN, sweet – too much sex, I remember no details.

Jan 3: TN, pseudo break-up – he caught me unawares before our talk and reached for my breasts.  When I pulled away he gasped and looked worried.  I let him touch me and lead me into my room to assuage his fears of a breakup.  Little did he know I’d been giving myself a pep talk for that very event when he’d come over.

Jan 1: TN, NYE Tron – our second coupling found me crying and bawling as bright blue and green nebula floated behind my closed lids; with each climax came a burst of brightness.


Dec 31: TN, NYE trip – as my mind began to expand, he shoved his beautiful body into mine and as I closed my eyes I saw his veins lit up like so many neon streets with a slow aperture camera.

Dec 29: TN, sex party

Dec 27: TN, I’m such a crier

Dec 26: TN, more toys

Dec 22: TN, toys

Dec 17 & 18: TN, switch

Dec 12: TN, cookies – with Peyton in the tub and a fresh batch of cookies in the kitchen, I bade him come over and buried him deep inside of me while he gingerly held onto a cookie.  He said he wouldn’t cum, but he was helpless to my mouth in the end.

Dec 11: TN, sub – after a day of rest and renewal apart he came over with gusto and reasserted himself and I was helpless to stop it. 

Dec 9: TN, fourseome

Dec 7: TN, Domme

Dec 5: TN, bruises

Dec 4:  TN, spank – My first foray in truly topping him

Dec 3: TN, prefer me

Nov 28: TN, quick ‘n dirty – we break the bed

Nov 24: TN, scratch marks

Nov 20: TN, after the movies – Twilight turns him on

Nov 16: TN, risky business

Nov 15: TN*

Nov 13: TN, reunion #2

Nov 5: TN, reunion

Oct 31: TN, trick or treat

Oct 27: TN, benefits

Oct 24: TN, waning

Oct 16: TN, acting

Oct 11: TN, debate

Oct 6: TN, oopsy

Oct 1: Breakup #3

Sep 21, TN, no kiss

Sep 14, TN, watched

Sep 12: TN, he needs me – he came over sad in the middle of the night and wanted to talk to me. I made him feel better and then we made love.

Sep 11: TN, best porno

Sep 9: TN, he’s irresistable

Sep 7: TN, balcony

Sep 2: TN, freckle-counting

Aug 26: TN and 4 am girl breakup

Aug 15, 16: TN, quel suprise

Aug 13: Beefcake (13), rough

Aug 10: TN, backslide

Aug 7: TN, I cum

Jul 31: TN, no resisting

Jul 27: TN fucks 4 am girl.  We talk Jul 28 and I tell him i won’t fuck him so long as he’s putting it in her.  He agrees. Break up #2.

Jul 22: TN, 12 hours later

Jul 22: TN, love making

Jul 7: 4 am girl gets wasted in my house.

Jul 3 & 5: Breakups #1 and #1.2

Jul 3 & 4: TN, he loves me – the 3rd he comes over early and makes passionate love to me, cums in me, takes me to dinner, tucks me into his bed and kisses me on the cheek, calls me “sweetie”; the 4th is morning sex, I wake him up with a blow job and he fucks me until I sob and he designates a pillow for me at his house for “all the times in the future when you stay over.” Later the night of the 4th I walk out on my balcony and find 4 am girl smoking a cigarette and drinking his wine. He deliberately manipulated her to come over that night I’ll eventually discover.

Jun 23-25: TN, don’t forget me, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Jun 18: TN, houseboy

Jun 16: TN, stays over

Jun 8: TN, mind blown – face sitting, pool climaxes, lots of cum dumped inside of me

Jun 6: TN, loved  – also, 4 am girl makes her appearance in my life

May 29: TN, balance

May 12: assaulted by Mitchell who wouldn’t listen to my No’s

May 11: TN, hot tub

May 10: TN, rain

May 3-4: TN

Apr 29: TN, makeover

Apr 27: TN, righted

Apr 22: TN, houseboy

Apr 21: TN

Apr 19: TN, tender

Apr 17: TN, when my heart explodes

Apr 15: TN

Apr 6: TN, deck sex

Apr 4: TN, apology sex

Apr 1: TN, thanks

Mar 29-31: TN

Mar 27: TN, shit changes – We stop using condoms

Mar 26: Tuesday, just a mention

Mar 24: TN, he begs

Mar 21-22: TN, my tits

Mar 16: TN, tired sex

Mar 13: TN, afternoon fun

Mar 8-9: TN, mentoring

Mar 2: TN, reeling

Feb 11: TN, sob sex

Feb 16: TN, spanked

Feb 18: TN, Scrabble

Feb 23: TN, pretty in firelight

Feb 4: Jason, improved*

Feb 3: Bullied by a dude who fashioned himself a “dom”

Jan 30: Phillip, I’m weak unprotected sex

Jan 15-21: TN, thinking about shit

Jan 13: Kevin

Jan 7: TN

Jan 5: Kevin and Bulldozer, dry humper

Jan 2: TN


Dec 20-29: TN, alluded to throughout Dec

Dec 19: Jason, criticunprotected sex

Dec 17: I start the blog with an exceptionally embarrassing post because I want desperately to have a space to be totally myself, totally open and held accountable to my own standards. Yay.

Dec 16: TN, really, it’s all in here

Dec 11: Jason – unprotected sex

Dec 4-8: TN, a glossy overview

Dec 3: Casio, I got a watch

Dec 2: TN, in a few words

Nov 30: The Neighbor, a general description

Nov 5, 21: Jason

Oct 20: Jim

Oct 6: Jason

Oct 3-4: Phillip, wowunprotected sex

Oct 2: Jim

Sept 24: Hunter – 2nd hookup

Sept 22: Jason and Mike (a.k.a. 2 Pump Chump) – two separate dates

Sept 20: DeRouge

Sept 7: Max, stranger sex

Aug 21: Roy

Aug 17: Roy

Aug 5: Lou, in my ass by accident

Aug 4: Jake, the unfortunate one and then I went on a date and sucked a cock

Aug 1: Pianoman

Jul 30: Ryan & Becky (part 1 and 2)

Jul 9: Ryan & Troy, gagged

Jul 7: Ryan, splatter

Jul 2: Hunter, picked up in a bar

Jun 25: Mensa, worst

Jun 21: Ryan & Troy, stormy

Jun 20: Beautiful Kent, birth of a libertine

Jun 10: Lou, decent

May 15: Troy, he wanted someone else

May 1: Troy, his cock and his toy

Some time in May George and I had an MFM with a buddy of his.  It sucked.  I also think it was May when Troy & Lina & I tried our disastrous threesome.

Apr 10: Jack & Emma & Troy, 3rd foursome

Apr 9: Geoff

Apr 8: Geoff, he lives in the basement of a mansion

Apr 5: Geoff, nooner

Mar 31: Troy

Mar 27: Geoff, chatterbox

Mar 22: Jack & Lina & Troy, 2nd foursome

Mar 25: Troy’s toy, I’m a cum junkie

Mar 14: Gary, does this count as sex?

Mar 11: Zed, meh

Mar 6: Jack & Lina, with Zed watching

Lots of Troy in here somewhere and there was also The Tennis Pro and Giant, once each.

Feb 19: Jack & Troy, cum bath

Feb 10: Troy

Feb 8: Dave, dirty words

Jan 20: Dave, mediocre and there’s no denying it

Jan 19: Troy, goodbye #2

Jan 18: Troy, orgasm

Jan 16: Troy & Jack & Emma, 1st foursome

Jan 15: Dan, champagne

Jan 10: Troy, goodbye #1

Jan 1: Jack & Troy, DVP


Dec 29: Troy

Dec 27: Alan, tongue

Dec 25: Troy & Jack, quite the present

Dec 4: Troy, my first cutting

Nov 21: Troy, cock ring

Nov 19: Dave

Contracted Trichamonas vaginitis – never going bareback without a discussion first, no matter what pressure the dickhead puts on me.  Now I am Super Safety Girl.

Nov 10: Dave

Nov 9:  Troy, counter-top, kitchen lovin’, read my blog while I blew him

Nov 7: Troy, wowza

Nov 6: Dave, whiskey*

Oct 12 & 14: Ethan, bleh*

Oct 2: Matt, bad*

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